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Valor Gutter Guards: The Ultimate Protection for Southwest Michigan Homes

Valor Gutter Guard

As a seasoned gutter contractor, I’ve seen firsthand the damage that clogged and overflowing gutters can do to a Southwest Michigan home. Valor Gutter Guards have been a game-changer for many of my clients, offering the perfect solution for our unique, often unpredictable, weather.

Why Southwest Michigan’s Climate Demands Robust Gutter Protection

We get it all here: snow, rain, wind, and summer storms. All of these elements can lead to major gutter problems if you’re not prepared.  That weather coupled with the amount of tree coverage and foliage we have in our region create a need to maintain gutter systems to allow them to stay clear and keep water flowing away from the structure as it should.

Why Gutter Guards are Essential

The Challenges of Michigan’s Four-Season Climate

As anyone living in Southwest Michigan knows, our winters are brutal. I remember one job where the homeowner’s clogged gutters had turned into solid ice, the gutters were hanging off the house in areas due to the weight. It wasn’t just a gutter issue; water was leaking into the house when it thawed and it was causing substantial damage.

Debris, Clogs, and the Risk of Water Damage

Leaves, twigs, and even the occasional stray baseball can clog gutters. Once they’re clogged, water can’t flow – leading to costly and stressful home repairs.  This is especially true for underground drains that get clogged from debris coming into the downspouts and not being cleaned or maintained properly.  Check out this quick video of a cool little way to keep underground drains clear!

The Cost of Regular Gutter Cleaning vs Installing Gutter Guards

How fun is it locating a handyman to do anything these days?  Let alone having one climb high up or ascend your roof to clear your gutters, do you think the guy you give a $20 to has Workers Compensation Insurance?  No.  Check out this homeowner who was sued when a worker was hurt at their home, not a good time for anyone (click here).  Trust me, I’ve been up on those ladders in the freezing cold and the summer heat. It’s not fun, and the costs of regular cleanings add up if its required to do a few times a year. Valor Gutter Guards are a one-time investment that pays off year after year. 

Introduction to Valor Gutter Guards

Overview of Valor Gutter Guards

The Valor Gutter Guards are strong, durable, and designed to handle the toughest weather conditions. They use a patented S-Curve design that keeps debris out while allowing water to flow freely.  They have multiple color and mesh drainage options depending on the debris to keep out and the amount of water shed coming off the roof.  This product is customized for every project and can be adjusted to match your roof pitch by our experienced and professional local gutter guard installers.  Find out more about the material from one of our Project Consultants by scheduling an appointment or you can find more information online including videos about installation!

How They Work to Protect Your Home

I like to think of them as a security guard for your gutters—always on duty and always reliable.  With keeping debris out but water flowing in and being able to stand up to pests or small limbs this tough gutter protection system will last!  The Valor Gutter Guard system comes with a 20 Year Warranty from its North American based manufacturer giving you peace of mind knowing you are buying a quality product from a company you can rely on long term.

Why Choose Valor for Your Michigan Home

Durability in Harsh Winter Conditions

I installed Valor Gutter Guards on my own home five years ago, and they’ve been a lifesaver. Even during the ‘Big Freeze’ of 2021, they held up without a hitch.  This is because of the construction of the guard and its ability to allow water to flow year round!  We love how we have seen Valor perform with heavy snow and or icy conditions and for the times we have seen an issue we change out the mesh to something that allows more water to flow in, solving the problem and still providing protection to the gutter system.  This is a big change compared to lesser quality products or systems that have a one size fits all approach, which surprise – DOES NOT WORK IN MICHIGAN!  We have too many different types of foliage, too much water to deal with, and an immense amount of different styles of homes and roof lines.

Compatibility with Various Roof and Gutter Types

From classic colonials to modern ranch homes, I’ve installed Valor on all kinds of Southwest Michigan residences. They’re incredibly versatile.  This includes the awesome selection of custom colors as well as different sizes, and even profiles to match copper gutters with COPPER GUTTER GUARDS!  I know right?!  These are a very cool product and one that once installed blows you away with their beauty.  Valor Gutter Guards also come in commercial 6” options which is great for commercial property owners or residential homes with larger gutters to handle more water flowing off of large roof lines.  With the system being this customizable you can see why its a great choice for any gutter guard project and property that needs gutter guard protection.

Installation Process

Why Professional Installation Matters

DIY is great, but your gutters are one area where you want a professional touch. I’ve seen too many ‘easy installs’ go awry, costing homeowners more in the long run.  The Valor system has options to customize and you want an expert who knows how to 45 the mitered corners and properly butt joints together.  This is especially true for the Heated Valor option which allows for heat tape to be run thru the Valor Gutter Guard providing a melt to the gutter or eave and helping to keep water running in cold weather and areas that collect snow or ice.

Our Team’s Expertise and Experience

We’ve been serving the Southwest Michigan community for over 20 years. We are knowledgeable and we stand by our work.  If you’ve read to this point and feel differently please contact our office and ask for the owner of the company. I would love to help restore your faith in our knowledge of gutter guards by explaining the AMAZING difference between the products.

Cost and Value

Average Cost of Valor Gutter Guard Installation

While costs vary, most homeowners find that Valor Gutter Guards pay for themselves in just a few years, thanks to the reduced need for cleaning and repairs.  An average home is usually around 150 linear feet of gutter or eave and with that the average cost for material and installation on a home of this size would be around $3,000.00 showing an average cost of Valor Gutter Guards at $20 Per LF of installation.  This product can be purchased directly on our website and you can schedule all at once as well 24/7, so if you want to get ready for this fall get on our website or give us a call!

Maintenance and Warranty

The Minimal Maintenance Needs of Valor Gutter Guards

Here’s the great part: once they’re installed, there’s almost zero upkeep. I usually recommend a quick check once a year, but that’s it.  Some maintenance is required if you have HEAVY HEAVY large format leaves with a low slope roof.  If this is the case we have a 3# $50 blower we have bought a customer or two in the past from Amazon which any person can use from the ground to blow off these areas.  We don’t run into this often but to say any gutter guard works in every application 100% of the time would be dishonest.  We do believe we can customize Valor to eliminate this 99.9% of the time but even we have run into an issue here or there at times that needed a creative solution.

Warranty Details and What It Covers

Valor offers an excellent warranty, and because we’re certified installers, we can assure that it’s honored.  This includes a full 20 Year Warranty on the System so if it does break down or get damaged you are covered including material and workmanship!

Customer Testimonials

Stories from Satisfied Southwest Michigan Customers

Check out this video about our “Stay Grounded” campaign and see why Valor is a LIFE CHANGER for some homeowners.  Another one of my favorite stories is about the Johnsons. They were tired of constant gutter cleaning, so they called us for Valor Gutter Guards. Now, they’re enjoying more free weekends and a beautiful, damage-free home. We had a homeowner who had been paying a handyman $150 to clean her gutters (3) times a year to keep them clear!  Think of the savings she will see after just a few years, after she did the math she knew she didn’t want to deal with the “we will get there when we get there” headache some handypeople can be…. 

Preparing Your Home for Valor Gutter Guards

Necessary Repairs or Upgrades Before Installation

We’ll assess your current gutter system and recommend any needed repairs during our free consultation.  During the installation of the Valor Gutter Guard system we will inspect, and do simple maintenance like sealing joints to ensure once the Valor is installed it stays there long term and the entire gutter system performs as it should.  We will also ensure that your gutters are cleaned and clear of debris as once the Valor goes on we don’t expect it to come off anytime soon and we don’t want that debris trapped going into the downspouts and undergrounds or just sitting there over time.


Recap and Call to Action

Southwest Michigan homeowners, you know how brutal our weather can be. Isn’t it time to give your home the protection it deserves? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote or go to our website and purchase then schedule your Valor Gutter Guard installation!

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Q: Will Valor Gutter Guards handle heavy snow and ice?

A: Absolutely. They are designed to withstand the toughest winter conditions and depending on the mesh profile will continue to let water drain during winter months.

Q: How often will I need to clean my gutters after installation?

A: With Valor Gutter Guards you should not have to clean your gutters or in extreme situations (we have not had this call yet in 6+ years of installing Valor) remove clear and reinstall.

Q: Do they come in different colors or styles?

A: Yes, Valor Gutter Guards are available in a variety of options to complement your home’s aesthetic.

Q: Is the installation process disruptive?

A: Not at all. Most installations are completed within a day, and at Character Exteriors we prioritize leaving your property clean and beautiful.

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