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See the #1 Gutter Guard in America the Customizable Valor Gutter Guard System

Valor provides a customizable for every West Michigan home.


Protect Your Home from Water Damage with Our Premium Gutter Guards

Our gutter guards are designed to keep debris such as leaves, twigs, and other small objects out of your gutters, preventing blockages and the potential for water damage to your home.

With easy installation and low maintenance, our durable gutter guards provide long-term protection for your home, giving you peace of mind knowing your gutters are always flowing freely.

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Comprehensive Gutter Services in Kalamazoo, MI

Gutters are a must-have feature for protecting almost every home, and they’re even more important when it comes to protecting your home’s foundation. But you can’t really enjoy their benefits without having a gutter that’s working well. From leaves and debris, to an errant baseball or small pests, there are many reasons why your gutters might not drain as efficiently as they should.

The Valor Gutter Guard system keeps West Michigan property owners off ladders and safely on the ground without the need to maintain or unclog their gutter systems. Valor is warrantied by its American based manufacturer for 20 Years providing you long-term value that you can rely on. Valor has multiple options which provides a custom solution for any home and every customer no matter the debris type or roof requirements.

What Are the Benefits to Valor

With over 20 years of selling and installing every gutter guard on the market, our team became obsessed with either finding the best gutter guard solution that works for everyone, or dropping gutter guard service all together, due to failing products and issues with customer expectations on product performance. Then we found the Valor Gutter Guard System, everything changed.

Valor is not a just an ordinary gutter guard it is a fully customizable gutter guard solution with options for any home with any type of debris or roof slope. This is achieved using multiple product options and capabilities as it pertains to the installation of the Valor Gutter Guard System. Unmatched in quality, the manufacturing of this guard is a steel bodied frame with a surgical stainless steel mesh (multiple options of mesh size profiles available) to allow for proper flow.

Eliminate the need for regular gutter cleanouts that are dangerous and messy. Promote consistent water flow that helps your system flowing properly.

Enjoy more time and one less chore around your property!

High-Quality Solutions for West Michigan Gutter Protection

The benefits that come from having a properly working watershed system will make all the difference in protecting your property from long term water damage. Character Exteriors is the company you can count on for fast, affordable service with proven products. From 2014 to now, we’ve been working hard to provide quality gutter guard solutions for our local customers, like this:

  • Personalized Service: Starting with an in-home consultation, our experts know what to look for and can discuss needs to help get your project 100%.
  • Fast Installations: Our experienced installers will complete most projects within a single day, and with large commercial or multi-phase projects we are in and out.
  • Innovative Products: The team at Character Exteriors only installs products that we believe in, and with that we’ve tried 100’s of other gutter guards realizing that Valor is superior because of its ability to be customized for each home. One size fits all DOES NOT WORK when it comes to gutter protection as every home has different needs.

Our gutter guards work great in West Michigan. Call us today and we can customize your gutter protection system for long term protection!

Stop dealing with the unsafe nature of gutter maintenance and paying for gutter cleanings only to deal with them again and again during the season changes. The Valor Gutter Guard will provide you with long term protection that does not require additional maintenance to the system. We install 1000’s of feet of Valor locally every year and have great success with its ability to be customized to the needs of your home or property. Call us today or complete and online contact form to get your project started. You can also schedule online 24/7 for an appointment time that works best for you by clicking on our calendar. When it comes to protecting your gutters….Do everything with Character.

No Payments for 12 Months

Zero percent down, low monthly payments, and affordable solutions to help you finance your exterior remodel in West Michigan. Just give Character Exteriors a call today to request more information!

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Have Questions? We've Got Answers.

You’re not alone. Many people just like you are curious about the process, and exactly how we can help. Look through some of our most common questions — you might be wondering the same before reading below.

When shopping for gutter guards, pricing and performance are questions every customer wants to know. The Valor Gutter Guard is a high performing and long lasting design. With that the value you pay for the performance you get is almost unmatched by other products. Request a free quote today for specific pricing on your project.

Valor Gutter Guards come with a manufacturer backed 20 Year Warranty. Check out the material warranty information above.

We use tools and training other companies may not utilize or require their teams to perform due to cost. We believe in providing this up front value to our customers to EARN your business. Character Exteriors and every employee will help to deliver the best customer experience we possible for your next project. We aren’t perfect but we are responsible.

Most Valor Gutter Guard projects are complete in one day, sometimes two based on complexity for our install team. We enjoy working with customers on challenging projects and timelines so please contact us to answer any specific questions you have!

Yes. We often acknowledge that the work we perform is difficult as it is often remodel work which means your home as you live in it. We will discuss proper parking for vehicles use tarps for areas work or cutting is being performed as well as a final site clean.

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