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Bridle Trail’s Transformation Tale: Your Next Home Inspiration Awaits in Richland, Michigan

Hey there, fellow Richlandians!


You know, sometimes a house just whispers to you. It beckons a refreshing change, a transformation, into a home that not just shelters, but highlights its true beauty. We recently had the privilege to breathe new life into a beautiful home right here in Richland, Michigan on Bridle Trail. Let me tell you, it was nothing short of a remarkable transformation journey.

So, grab a cup of coffee and join me as I walk you through this transformation. It might just spark an idea for your own home makeover.

Our Journey Begins with a Roof Overhead

Laying the Foundation with GAF

We kicked off our project with the most protective element of a home – the roof. I still remember the animated discussion we had with the homeowners, poring over samples of GAF Ultra HDZ shingles. Color is often a concern when mixing materials. The product’s physical nature may affect the design element being applied.  With this in mind we used a Matte Charcoal Standing Seam Metal with GAF Charcoal UHDZ Shingles.  We believe this was a great choice. If you are checking out the photos we hope you do as well!

GAF Shingles and Underlayment

GAF shingles are the cream of the crop. They offer both aesthetic appeal and unmatched protection. They come with an unlimited residential wind warranty, and a 25 year algae protection warranty.  Character Exteriors holds Master Elite contractor status with GAF. This status provides a 30-year workmanship warranty with every Golden Pledge roofing project we install. Pairing the GAF UHDZ Shingle with the robust GAF Stormguard II ice and water shield and the GAF Tigerpaw synthetic underlayment, we were ready to give this home a solid, weather-resistant top hat. 

The upgraded ice and water helps as this home has large valleys, a steep pitch and a large surface area which means lots and lots of water flowing off the roof fast.  In the winter, that water flows toward the roof valleys. The upgraded ice and water will provide long term protection, especially in those areas.  This is really important with a home like this as it has large interior cathedral ceilings and thus marries a lot of heat from inside the home to the bottom of the roof deck.  Hence the need for also using the upgraded GAF synthetic underlayment as this now allows that heat building up to release as well as any excess moisture that may form from frost or when the hot sun first hits a morning dew. 

Having protection beneath the shingle on a home like this is paramount to be able to apply a 50 year warranty with a 30 year workmanship warranty like that from the GAF Golden Pledge.   And let’s not forget the prestigious GAF Golden Pledge Warranty that came along, bringing in a comforting assurance of quality and durability.

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Turning the Page: Siding Transformation

Goodbye Vinyl, Hello Everlast

Next, we bid goodbye to the old, weary vinyl siding. The process of finalizing the designs took some time to come together. We held a mini celebration with the homeowners after we finalized the designs. In place of the original vinyl siding installed on the home, we introduced the magnificent Everlast Composite Siding, which not only promised a spectacular facelift but longevity too.

Now, the magic lay in the details. The gables received a special touch with an alternating profile of the Everlast Composite Siding using a double 4” profile mixed with a single 7” profile, a design touch that the homeowner discovered and fell in love with. The excitement in their eyes as they saw this detail coming to life was truly priceless!


A Window to a New Perspective

The Splendor of Andersen 400 Series Windows

As the days progressed, the home started to reveal its new character, especially with the installation of the new Andersen 400 Series Windows. I cannot stress enough how these windows transformed the entire look. I remember the homeowner joking about how the neighbors were already throwing admiring glances, trying to peek into the “happening transformation” in the neighborhood.

The black exterior complemented by the white interior added a modern touch and brightened up the living spaces immensely. It was like bringing a bit of the beautiful Richland landscapes right into their living room.  Included with the installation of the new windows and doors was weatherization to the openings. Our team was able to seal up any air infiltration as well as keep pests and moisture out of the jambs and wall cavities around the openings.  As a Certified Andersen Contractor we provide our homeowners with an additional warranty. The Andersen warranty backs the workmanship on all of their projects. This helps to provide an additional piece of mind for a large window and door purchase. You know that your project will always have someone around should a need for service arise down the road.

The Grand Finale: The Alderwood Door

A Door Worth the Wait

Finally, as we neared the end of this journey, we were eagerly awaiting the pièce de résistance, the custom Alderwood door. Oh, the anticipation was similar to waiting for a much-loved artist to take the stage.  This door took almost a full year to come in. When it finally shipped, the door sustained damage during transit. No joke, it was heartbreaking but outside of our control. After repairing the door fully, we bubble wrapped it like an ancient heirloom to protect it from further damage.  The homeowners had patiently waited almost a year due to manufacturing setbacks. When that majestic Alderwood 8’ tall door arrived, it was a sight to behold!

It was as if we were walking on decades-old family china during installation day. We all knew our team could complete the installation with their eyes closed. But after the delays and issues with delivery we just all feared for the worst.  It went the opposite way thankfully. It was a very boring and thorough installation performed by our experienced window and door installers in Kalamazoo.


Wrapping it Up

Transforming Houses into Homes

As I look back, this Bridle Trail project wasn’t just a home remodel. It was a transformation requiring adjustments and maintaining focus over many delays due to material shortages and backlogs. It’s stories like these that make our job truly fulfilling. We cannot wait to create more such stories in the heart of Richland, Michigan.


Your Turn to Dream Big

Fellow Richland residents, if this story has stirred a little dream in you, we’re here to tell you to dream even bigger! Your home holds the potential to be your canvas, reflecting your personality and style. And remember, we are right here in Richland at 10603 M-89 across from Koopers Marine. We are ready to help you turn those dreams into reality.


Embark On Your Remodeling Journey

What makes GAF roofing products a preferred choice?

Answer: Renowned for their quality and durability, GAF roofing products offer a range of styles and colors, allowing customization to suit your home’s design. Moreover, the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty offers a peace of mind that is unmatched in the industry with a 50-year non-prorated material warranty.

Can I choose a different siding profile for my home?

Absolutely! The beauty of opting for a siding like the Everlast Composite is the versatility it offers. We can definitely work with you to find a profile that complements your home beautifully.

How do the Andersen 400 Series Windows contribute to energy efficiency?

These windows are designed with the natural beauty of wood and efficiency in technology. They help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, which can potentially reduce your energy bills. Plus, they are a treat to the eyes, adding a modern and elegant touch to your home’s exterior with a natural material.

What should I consider when choosing a front door?

When selecting a front door, consider factors like material, security features, insulation properties, and of course, the style. In our Bridle Trail project, the Alderwood door was chosen for its grandeur, quality, and the statement it made.

How can I start my home remodeling project in Richland, Michigan?

Starting your home remodeling journey is as simple as giving us a call. We are here to assist you at every step, offering expert advice and personalized solutions to bring your vision to life we offer design to build construction and remodeling services in Richland, Michigan.

So, dear friends, if Bridle Trail’s story has ignited a spark, let’s fan it into a flame of a beautiful transformation. Remember, in the world of remodeling, the sky is the limit. Until we craft another tale of transformation, take care and dream big, Richland!

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