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Storm Damage and Roof Repairs in Kalamazoo Michigan

Chances are, as a typical homeowner, you aren’t taking too many trips up on top of your roof to inspect any damages unless you know something is wrong (like if you had a large branch or tree fall onto part of your roof). Unfortunately, storm damage often goes unaddressed and can lead to larger issues down the road — especially in areas where the weather is known to be variable, like West Michigan.

Today we will discuss what to look out for in terms of identifying damage, types of storm damage, and how to best utilize insurance restoration work to get the repairs you need for your home.

Signs Your Roof Has Suffered Storm Damage

Luckily, there are a few signs you can look out for that can help you determine when it is time to seek repairs or replacement after a storm has hit. Some of these signs are:

  • Leaks or water damage that ranges to the inside of your home as well
  • Impact damage — such as dents or cracks
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Damaged shingles may include signs such as granule loss, coating damage, or flaking
  • Damaged or displaced gutters

Types of Storm Damage

Just like there are many different types of storms, there are many different types of storm damage to your roof. Depending on the type of storm, your roof may need repair or complete replacement.

The types of storm damage can be broken into the following sections:

  • water damage
  • wind damage
  • tree damage
  • hail damage
  • snow and ice damage

Unfortunately, in West Michigan, each and every one of these damage types is a possibility for your home. In the warmer months, you may experience water damage — such as damaged shingles from heavy rains or leaks and flooding in your home from moisture leaking into the weak spots of your roof. Heavy rains and high winds can also result in tree damage if a tree or branch falls onto your home.

During the winter season, you may experience snow and ice damage which can all dramatically affect the structure of your roof and lead to leaks, weak points, and other moisture issues. Unfortunately, the West Michigan is also no stranger to hail — everyone’s least favorite type of precipitation. Hail can cause damage to your roofing shingles by cracking them or knocking off some of the granules that help to keep your roof leakproof.

The Insurance Process for Roofing Replacement and Repair Services

When a big storm hits and you need repairs on your roof, you may be entitled to insurance restoration work rather than a typical roof repair. Insurance claims are extremely helpful when you need extensive repairs because of storm damage because they help you get the repair services you need to keep your home safe more quickly.

Typically, to get your roof repaired using your insurance after a storm, you must contact a reputable roof repair company and your insurance provider. Some providers may only work with certain roofing experts and vice versa, but a reliable and certified roofing company, like Character Exteriors, will work with your insurance provider directly to ensure that your home gets both the emergency repair services it may needs as well as the longer-term repairs that will get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Roof Repair Services in Kalamazoo, Michigan

If you suspect that your roof has taken damage (or seen some of the signs mentioned above) because of a recent storm, you may want to make a storm damage insurance claim. However, navigating repairs and talking with your insurance provider can be intimidating. If you cannot do this effectively, your repairs may cost you more time and money in the long run.

But, if you are in West Michigan, you can contact Character Exteriors for expert help in assessing your damages and communicating with your insurance provider to ensure that you are getting the high-quality and quick repairs you need to get back to your life!

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