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Roof Restoration Expertise: Tackling Tree Damage

When severe weather or unforeseen accidents strike, homeowners need reliable and skilled contractors for home and roof restoration. Character Exteriors recently came to the aid of a Kalamazoo, Michigan homeowner who experienced significant roof damage when a tree fell on their house. In this blog post, we share our experience in completing an insurance roof restoration replacement project, utilizing GAF HDZ Shingles and addressing building code compliance requirements to ensure top-quality results.

The Unfortunate Incident

A Kalamazoo resident faced a daunting challenge when a tree fell on their home during a storm, resulting in extensive roof damage. Concerned about the safety and structural integrity of their home, the homeowner needed a prompt and efficient roof replacement. They filed an insurance claim and began the search for a trustworthy contractor to handle the restoration work.

Selecting Character Exteriors

Based on our stellar reputation for exceptional workmanship, high-quality materials, and superior customer service, the homeowner chose Character Exteriors to handle their roof replacement project. We collaborated closely with the homeowner and their insurance company to guarantee a seamless and stress-free process, addressing all concerns and questions throughout the project.

Addressing Roof Decking Replacement

Our initial damage assessment revealed that the wood decking, or OSB, would also need replacement before installing the new roof. This was due to a building code compliance requirement mandating the elimination of spacing between the wood roof deck and the asphalt shingles. Our experienced technicians meticulously sheeted the roof using building code compliant materials, ensuring a sturdy and secure base for the new roofing system.

Installing GAF HDZ Shingles

Once the new OSB was in place, our team installed GAF HDZ Shingles—a durable, high-quality roofing material known for its excellent performance and appearance. GAF HDZ Shingles provide advanced protection against harsh weather and feature unique LayerLock™ Technology, ensuring a secure seal to reduce the risk of leaks and wind damage.

Roof Restoration and Client Satisfaction

Character Exteriors successfully completed the insurance restoration roof replacement project, restoring the homeowner’s property to its original beauty and safety. The homeowner was delighted with the outcome, confident that their new GAF HDZ Shingle roof offered enhanced protection against future storms while improving their home’s curb appeal and value.


Character Exteriors recognizes that accidents and severe weather can cause substantial damage to homes, leaving homeowners in need of dependable and skilled contractors. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, employing top-quality materials, and adhering to the highest workmanship standards. If you require a roof replacement or restoration services in Kalamazoo, Michigan, trust the experts at Character Exteriors to provide the best results for your home. Contact us today for a consultation or a free estimate, and experience the Character Exteriors difference firsthand.

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