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Custom Wood Soffits and Roof Restoration

A Tale of Amazing Revival

In the heart of bustling downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, there lies a charming residential urban home with a fresh, restored look, thanks to the dedicated and skilled team at Character Exteriors. This century-old home, standing tall amidst the city’s modern skyline, recently underwent an extensive exterior repair journey involving a new roof, custom wood soffits, and a story of resilience against unexpected tree damage.

Storm Damage

The tale of this home’s transformation begins with an unforeseen event – a severe storm that caused a massive tree to topple onto the house, causing significant damage to the roof and the wooden soffits. This misfortune, while initially devastating, would serve as a catalyst for an exterior renovation that honored the home’s rich history while fortifying it for the future.

Assessing the Damage

Character Exteriors, a local service company renowned for their superior workmanship and attention to detail, were called upon to undertake this delicate restoration project. The scope of the damage was wide-ranging, necessitating not only a complete roof replacement but also intricate repairs to the home’s wood soffits, both tasks that required a deft hand and an understanding of the home’s unique architectural character.

Roof Restoration

The first step was to address the most pressing issue – the damaged roof. Character Exteriors chose to use GAF HDZ shingles for the replacement, a decision influenced by the product’s exceptional durability and striking aesthetic appeal. These shingles are known for their advanced LayerLock Technology, which provides superior wind resistance, a crucial feature for a region known for its unpredictable weather.

The GAF HDZ shingles also offered the additional benefit of enhanced dimensional aesthetics. The vibrant color blends and high-definition “shadow bands” added depth and texture to the roof, perfectly complementing the home’s historic charm. The team at Character Exteriors meticulously installed the shingles, ensuring every piece was laid with precision to provide a watertight seal and a seamless look.

Custom Wood Soffits

With the new roof in place, the focus shifted to the damaged wooden soffits. The soffits of this urban home were more than just functional components preventing moisture ingress and providing ventilation; they were also significant architectural features that added to the home’s unique character. Preserving this character while repairing the damage was a task that required the skilled craftsmanship Character Exteriors is known for.

The team approached the soffit repairs with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to preservation. Each damaged section was carefully removed to avoid causing further harm to the surrounding structures. The team then crafted custom replacement pieces, ensuring each piece matched the original soffits in material, size, and design.

Before installing the new pieces, the team thoroughly inspected and repaired the underlying structures, replacing any water-damaged or rotted materials and ensuring the area was properly sealed against future weather damage. The new custom wood soffits were then meticulously installed and finished to match the existing exterior, preserving the home’s architectural integrity.

The Results

The finished result was nothing short of remarkable. The new GAF HDZ shingle roof offered a striking blend of resilience and aesthetic appeal, while the expertly repaired custom wood soffits maintained the home’s historic charm. Despite the extent of the damage, Character Exteriors had managed to turn a tale of destruction into a story of renewal.


This project serves as a testament to Character Exteriors‘ dedication to preserving the unique character of Kalamazoo’s urban homes while ensuring their longevity. It highlights the value of choosing high-quality materials like GAF HDZ shingles and the importance of skilled craftsmanship when it comes to custom repairs, such as those required for the home’s wooden soffits.

More than just a repair job, this project was a celebration of the home’s resilience, a nod to its past, and a commitment to its future. And while the tree that once stood tall alongside the home is gone, in its place stands a revitalized home, stronger and more beautiful than ever – a shining example of Kalamazoo’s enduring architectural heritage.

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