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Restoring the Charm: A Kalamazoo Home’s Stunning Exterior Transformation

In the charming neighborhood of Kalamazoo, Michigan, nestled among the centuries-old trees and bustling city streets, sits a residential home that’s witnessed a recent exterior transformation. This journey of restoring the charm began with an Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) and transitioned to a striking composite trim finish, a necessary change due to the unique weather and climate challenges prevalent in the region.

The Tale Begins

The tale of this home began when its exterior was dressed in an EIFS, a popular option known for its superior energy efficiency and architectural design flexibility. The EIFS, a layered system comprising insulation board, base coat, reinforcement mesh, and finish coat, offered aesthetic appeal and promised enhanced insulation, an enticing prospect for a region that experiences severe winter conditions.

However, despite its attractive features, the EIFS fell short in the face of Michigan’s diverse climate. The state’s weather extremes, from hot, humid summers to cold, snowy winters, became an Achilles’ heel for this system. In theory, the EIFS should withstand such variations, but in this particular Kalamazoo residence, it started showing signs of deterioration far sooner than expected.

Cracks Appear

The trouble began with small cracks appearing on the surface, a consequence of the freeze-thaw cycles Michigan is known for. These initial cracks widened over time, leading to the penetration of moisture, causing water damage and the potential for mold growth. This moisture issue was further exacerbated by the humid summers, making the home’s exterior both unsightly and structurally compromised.

The homeowners, committed to preserving the integrity and beauty of their residence, sought a solution, turning to Character Exteriors, a local service company with a reputation for delivering high-quality exterior solutions. They immediately began the process of restoring the charm of this Kalamazoo home.

Assessing the Situation

Character Exteriors wasted no time in assessing the situation. They found that the cracks and water damage were extensive, necessitating the complete removal of the EIFS. This was a painstaking process, as EIFS is typically adhered directly to the sheathing, requiring careful extraction to avoid damaging the underlying structure.

Preparing for New Exterior

Once the EIFS was removed, the team at Character Exteriors turned their attention to the openings of the home – windows, doors, and other points of entry. These are typically the most vulnerable areas of a home, prone to leaks and drafts if not properly sealed. Before installing the new exterior, it was crucial to ensure these openings were well-protected.

The team employed a thorough process to prepare the openings. They first repaired any damage resulting from the EIFS failure, replacing any rotted wood or compromised materials. Then, they sealed the openings with high-quality, weather-resistant sealants, taking care to create a uniform, level surface for the new trim.

Restoring the Charm

Following the meticulous preparation work, it was time for the transformation – the installation of new composite trim. This material was chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its durability and low-maintenance properties. Composite trim stands up to Michigan’s challenging climate, resistant to both moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Character Exteriors installed the composite trim with precision, creating a clean, updated look that enhanced the home’s architectural features. The material’s versatility allowed for a variety of designs and profiles, adding depth and character to the home’s exterior.

The Results

The result was a stunning exterior that retained the charm of the original home, while eliminating the issues caused by the EIFS. The new composite trim offered an attractive, low-maintenance solution that stands up to the weather and climate challenges of Michigan. And with Character Exteriors’ work, the home was not just restored, but improved, gaining in both curb appeal and structural integrity.

This transformation story underscores the importance of considering local climate and weather when choosing exterior finishes. It also highlights the value of skilled local contractors like Character Exteriors, who can navigate these challenges and deliver solutions that not only meet the homeowners’ aesthetic desires but also protect the home from the elements. Character Exteriors are your local experts in restoring the charm to your Kalamazoo home.


In the end, a home is more than just a building – it’s a haven, a piece of history, and a reflection of the people who live there. With thoughtful consideration and expert care, it can also be a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the enduring charm of Kalamazoo homes.

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