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Do I Need a Licensed Contractor?-Roofing Workmanship Matters

Regarding your roof, a cheap replacement will cost you more in the long run. Working with a licensed contractor to replace your roof is essential to a successful and seamless installation.

But why does roofing workmanship matter, and what are the dangers of using unqualified contractors? This article will show why contacting local licensed professionals is vital to prevent roofing issues and save thousands of dollars.

Unqualified Contractors Can’t Provide Warranties or Guarantees

A risk you’ll face if you choose an unqualified roofing contractor for your next project is that you might not have access to warranties or guarantees if things go south.

When mistakes occur during installation, you may need to pay more damages than you would by hiring an experienced, licensed roofing contractor. While the upfront cost might seem perfect, it won’t do any good if you spend thousands on repairs.

Lack of Certification

Without a certified GAF Master Elite Contractor, you can’t guarantee the quality of your roof. Trustworthy manufacturers should provide certification indicating they are experienced and can safely install your roof.

An unqualified contractor likely hasn’t learned what they need to know to get the job done and can do more harm than good for your home. Certified contractors usually offer extended warranties to ensure that you won’t need to worry about paying thousands of dollars for repairs if something goes wrong that is out of your control.

Incorrect Installation

An unqualified roofing contractor will not only cost you more–they may install the roof incorrectly from the get-go, exposing you to numerous safety concerns. A licensed contractor will follow a specific process to install your roof and ensure it lasts.

An unqualified contractor could overlook essential details, such as misplacing nails, leaving shingles and other materials unsecured, or using the wrong materials to protect against the elements.

Unsafe Conditions

Safety should be a priority when replacing your roof for yourself and the roofing contractor. By not working with local licensed professionals, you cannot guarantee safety. Most unqualified roofing contractors are not trained or equipped with the proper safety gear to complete your repair.

Unsafe working conditions when you’re working dozens of feet from the ground is a precarious situation. Additionally, without proper safety knowledge, an unqualified contractor can damage your roof significantly, leaving your home vulnerable to exterior concerns.

Liability Issues

A GAF Master Elite Contractor can provide the necessary licensure to guarantee that you won’t be held liable for any injuries or mistakes during the roofing process. However, an unqualified roofing contractor operates without a valid license, meaning that you are responsible for any accidents.

Hiring an unqualified contractor without necessary insurance makes you responsible for on-site injuries. This detail means you can be sued and pay thousands of dollars for something that could’ve been avoided by working with a licensed contractor.

Character Exteriors: Licensed Contractor

Homeowners in Kalamazoo, Michigan, looking for local licensed professionals to work on their next roofing project can turn to the experts at Character Exteriors for their roofing needs. Because the state of Michigan requires a license for any residential roofing replacement project, it’s vital to have a licensed contractor and the best one out there.

The licensed professionals at Character Exteriors offer high-quality roofing solutions to keep your home in its best shape. Find out what makes us unique, and get a quote for your next roofing project today by contacting Character Exteriors.

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