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Cut Costs, Not Corners: Eagleview Roofing Technology is the Game-Changer You Need!

Hey there, Kalamazoo homeowners! As a seasoned roofing contractor, I’ve seen, walked on, and measured plenty of roofs in my day. From grand old Victorians to sleek modern homes, each roof tells its own story. And yet, with all the variety, one thing remains the same – the importance of quality, accuracy, and durability.

That’s where Eagleview Roofing Technology comes in. I can’t wait to introduce you to this cutting-edge innovation that has been revolutionizing our industry for almost a decade.

The Evolution of Roofing

Roofing has come a long way since the days of straw and mud. Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges traditional roofing methods can pose. Incorrect measurements, the need for multiple site visits, not to mention the danger involved with physically accessing roofs to measure. Technology has slowly been seeping into the roofing industry, making our jobs safer, more efficient, and more accurate.

Understanding Eagleview Roofing Technology

Remember when we were kids, and we thought how cool it would be to see the world from a bird’s eye view? Well, Eagleview Roofing Technology is kind of like that. It’s a sophisticated tool that uses aerial imagery and 3D modeling to create a highly accurate layout of your roof and in some cases even the siding on the home.

Imagine being able to see every nook, cranny, and corner of your roof without ever leaving the ground. The benefits of using Eagleview are plentiful. From reducing the need for physical measurements to providing detailed reports about your roof’s layout, this technology gives us a safer, more accurate, and efficient way to evaluate your roof. This includes detailed reports about pitch and other measurements, which allow us to accurately measure single facets in case of roof repairs vs roof replacements.

This also provides us a unique view of the home for our installers. Before arriving on site, installers are able to see difficult to access areas, or areas of concern that may need to be addressed differently with upgraded materials or different installation methods.


The Eagleview Roofing Process

How does it work, you ask? There are now multiple options for the Eagleview Report including remote and on site measuring. Remote reporting is completed using aerial photos taken by commercial entities and provided to companies like Google, Nearmap and more for commercial use. These images are taken and the roof is “built” currently by a combination of AI and human engineers.

The onsite experience of Eagleview Roofing Measurements include taking pictures using a drone. Imagine a drone floating above your house, capturing high-resolution images of your roof, instead of a human attempting to scale your roof causing possible damage to the shingles and an unsafe situation. These Eagleview drone images are then analyzed and converted into a detailed report highlighting all the critical aspects of your roof, using a similar process as the aerial measurement but more focused on the use of artificial intelligence.

It’s fascinating how accurate these reports are and the information they provide for pitch, facet, and components individually measured (eaves, rakes, valleys, etc.). Often projects where traditional methods such as hand measuring may have caused an item to be overlooked, or missed, due to some minor changes to the roofline or structure not recorded. Thanks to Eagleview, we are able to spot these issues, identify them to our clients and potentially save the homeowner from future headaches and helps us get ahead of special installation requirements needed.

Eagleview Roofing Technology in Kalamazoo, Michigan

So, what’s the state of residential roofing in our beloved Kalamazoo? I’ve seen a variety of roofs here, each with their unique challenges. But with Eagleview, we can address these challenges….most times.

Eagleview does have its limitations as obviously we have plenty of trees in the Kalamazoo area (literally Portage is Tree City) and those cause an inability to measure remotely. There can also be restrictions on drone use based on Geo-Locations around sensitive fly zones thus creating some instances when an Eagleview Roofing report can’t be accessed.

The Advantages of Using Eagleview Roofing Technology in Kalamazoo

Accuracy and transparency are the main benefits of a property owner utilizing or working with a local roofing company that utilizes technology like Eagleview. Another benefit of Eagleview over other aerial roofing technologies is their accuracy. Eagleview prides itself on having more aerial photos and more up to date information than any of their competitors.

Plus, it’s incredibly cost-effective. I’ve seen homeowners save quite a bit of money, as the precise measurements reduce material waste and unnecessary labor costs helping roofing contractors to sharpen their estimates and be as competitive as possible.

And let’s not forget about sustainability. By reducing waste, we’re doing our part to minimize the impact on the environment. It’s a win-win!

Choosing a Roofing Contractor Utilizing Eagleview in Kalamazoo

When considering a contractor experienced with Eagleview Technology, it’s essential to find one who truly understands the tool. You want someone who can interpret the reports accurately and use that information effectively especially with difficult rooflines or in situations or roof repairs of single roof facets.

Also, local knowledge and experience are invaluable. It’s not enough to have great technology; you need a team that knows Kalamazoo roofs like the back of their hands, Character Exteriors is a local experienced Kalamazoo roofing company.


So there you have it, Kalamazoo folks! The scoop on Eagleview Roofing Technology and the incredible benefits aerial measurement technologies can bring to your next roofing project. I firmly believe this technology will help make the roofing process smoother, safer, and more accurate for everyone involved saving everyone time and money.

So the next time you need a roofing service, remember to ask about Eagleview or aerial reports for pricing transparency and accuracy when comparing multiple roof quotes. It’s not just the future of roofing, it’s the here and now. It’s the eagle-eyed solution for your home’s next roof!

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