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Home Renovation: Majestic Transformation of Log Home

home renovation

In the heart of Gun Lake, Michigan, nestled among the lush greenery and serene waters, stood a log home that was once a symbol of rustic charm. However, time and poor construction had taken a toll on its exterior, leaving it in desperate need of an exterior home renovation. This is where Character Exteriors, a renowned residential exterior contractor based in Kalamazoo, stepped in. The new homeowner entrusted us with the task of not just restoring, but transforming the home into a modern, maintenance-free haven.

Assessing the Home

The original log home, though quaint, was poorly built. The exterior finishes were deteriorating, and the overall structure lacked the robustness a home should possess. Our team at Character Exteriors was contracted to strip away these exterior finishes and replace them with properly installed, high-quality materials.

Home Renovation Begins

The first step in our comprehensive renovation process was to address the roofing. We chose GAF roofing materials for their superior durability and weather resistance. GAF’s industry-leading technology ensures that the home is protected from the harsh Michigan weather, while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The Next Step

Next, we turned our attention to the siding. The original log exterior was replaced with Mastic Vinyl Siding materials. Known for their durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance, these materials were the perfect choice for a home in the Gun Lake area. The new siding not only improved the home’s insulation but also gave it a fresh, modern look.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are not just functional elements of a home; they contribute significantly to its overall aesthetic. We replaced the old fittings with Andersen Windows and Doors. Andersen’s products are known for their superior quality, energy efficiency, and beauty. The new windows and doors added a touch of elegance to the home while ensuring optimal thermal performance.

Final Step

Finally, to ensure the home remained maintenance-free, we installed the Valor Gutter Guard system. This advanced gutter protection system prevents debris build-up, reducing the need for regular cleaning and prolonging the life of the gutters.

Complete Transformation

The transformation was dramatic. The once poorly built log home now stood as a testament to quality craftsmanship and innovative materials. But more than that, it was now a home that the owners could take pride in, a home that was truly maintenance-free.


At Character Exteriors, we believe in delivering quality that lasts. Our team of skilled professionals, coupled with our selection of top-tier materials, ensures that every project we undertake not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. This Gun Lake home renovation is a shining example of our commitment to excellence.

If you’re in the Kalamazoo area and are considering a home exterior renovation, look no further than Character Exteriors. We bring our expertise, dedication, and a keen eye for detail to every project, transforming homes and exceeding expectations.

Whether it’s a simple update or a complete overhaul, trust us to provide you with a home that’s not just beautiful, but built to last. After all, at Character Exteriors, we don’t just build homes; we build character.

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