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New & Improved Acculynx Customer Portal: 5 Benefits

acculynx customer portal

Character Exteriors is thrilled to share exciting news about a significant upgrade to our project management capabilities – the roll-out of the new Acculynx Customer Portal. This groundbreaking innovation has been refined with an array of improved features aimed at revamping the way we engage and communicate with our esteemed clientele. Let’s delve into how this reimagined customer portal can elevate your experience with Character Exteriors as we bring your projects to fruition.

Cutting-Edge Automation

The Acculynx Customer Portal is a cutting-edge tool that has been designed to automate processes and enhance communication. The key challenges faced in managing multiple projects simultaneously, such as remembering to dispatch portal invites or notifications, have been made easier with the new portal. It now boasts features like automated alerts to clients whenever fresh content or messages are updated. Additionally, once a project reaches completion, a customer’s access to the portal automatically expires, ensuring no residual access and reinforcing a secure environment.

More Than Automation

But the improvements to the Acculynx Customer Portal extend beyond automation. The portal’s capability to share information has also been broadened. Now, we can effortlessly share project specifics and documentation, such as job packets and company files. This feature ensures complete transparency, keeping our customers informed and involved at all times.

The portal’s previewing capabilities have also been enhanced, providing us an accurate view of how our clients perceive information displayed on the portal. This feature is invaluable in ensuring we equip our customers with the most relevant and user-friendly tools. It also enables us to track the last time a customer logged into the portal, providing invaluable data to help us refine and improve our service offerings.

5 Benefits of the Acculynx Customer Portal

Let’s delve into the specific advantages the new Acculynx Customer Portal brings to our customers at Character Exteriors.

Optimized Service Delivery with Increased Efficiency: The revamped portal permits clients to access information whenever they need it, leading to minimized redundancies and enhanced satisfaction levels. This feature allows us to share project particulars and connect with clients more efficiently.

Comprehensive Resource for Project Tracking: The portal acts as a secure, self-service platform where customers can track their projects from initiation to completion. Seamless access to the AccuLynx job file provides an easy way to monitor project progress.

Augmented Customer Experience: The portal equips our clients with a range of self-service capabilities, providing round-the-clock access to their projects. From monitoring project status, viewing upcoming appointments, accessing documents and billing details, applying for financing, making payments, to sending messages – it’s all possible from a single, centralized hub.

Reduction in Administrative Overhead: The portal’s automated features substantially reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by streamlining information sharing. As the project moves forward, the portal data gets updated automatically, eradicating the need for constant email exchanges.

Customization and Command: The portal can be tailored with our unique branding, promising a personalized and professional interface for our clients. Moreover, it allows us to control what information is visible on the portal, ensuring that only the pertinent and necessary data is shared with our clients.


To sum up, the newly upgraded Acculynx Customer Portal offers an array of benefits for our customers at Character Exteriors. With its automated features, expanded sharing and viewing capabilities, and a focus on customer-centric benefits, the portal is set to boost our customer service experience and simplify project completion. We’re genuinely excited about these upgrades and look forward to offering our clients an even more streamlined and satisfying project experience. Trust us to continue delivering excellence and efficiency through every stage of your project’s lifecycle with the Acculynx Customer Portal.

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