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Maintenance Inspections to Help You Save

Providing information for you to make a repair versus replacement decision not based on your gut or what a salesperson may have said but from honest information specific to the roof of your property.

Roof Maintenance for Inspections & Tune Ups

If your roof suffered storm damage, whether due to a storm or another type of incident, it’s important to call in a roofing professional to check for any type of problems. Some of the following may be noticed, too:

  • Curled shingle edges
  • Wind Damaged shingles
  • Unknown storm damage
  • Missing shingles or roofing materials
  • Cracked shingles due to age

Often times it is difficult to see roofing damage from the ground so after a major weather event or if you are noticing issues with the roof system you should contact Character Exteriors for a roof inspection. Our team will inspect the entire area and to see if there are any possible maintenance items that should be addressed to keep your roof in good condition until it is ready for replacement.

What does roof maintenance include?

Our process begins with properly inspecting the areas of concern and getting a good idea of any potential issues or more obvious ones. There are some simple maintenance items we can complete like sealing exposed fasteners or flash points and adding capmaster pipe boot covers to extend the life of plumbing vent boots which are often a leak issue. Contact our team today to learn about roof maintenance items available to help extend your roofs life and put off replacement until it is actually needed. Call 269-569-6105 today or schedule an appointment online with our booking calendar.

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