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Our experienced team will earn your business by providing great customer service from design to build.  Kalamazoo, Michigan siding projects are all unique based on home design and personal design choices.  Our experienced siding installers have the tools and love working to get the final finishes just how you wanted.  Learn more about our projects below or schedule an appointment to get your project started now.  

Everlast Composite Siding
Mastic Vinyl Siding
Custom Finishes & More
projects include communication & Project Management

Design to Build Project Management

Whether your siding project is a single day installation, or requires multiple days on site our experienced siding installers have it covered.  Our Production Manager is available to quickly answer on site questions and work with installers on details for your siding installation.  As a local siding contractor you can rely on a team that knows how to provide quality siding installation in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Siding Projects with character

Siding projects with options & customizations

We focus on what matters most to each property owner and offer options for your project.   There are material options with siding that range from the types of materials or profiles to mixing and matching these products in new a creative styles.  Each project is unique and our team is experienced to work with you to get your design just right!  We offer warranties thru our factory certifications that extend to material and workmanship.  Call today to schedule with one of our project experts and get your exterior remodel project started.

Projects Include Digital Design

Complete Custom Exterior Design Services

Our team is ready to provide you with exterior digital design for visualizing and confirming your scope of work.  We have access to design software that will transform your home from an idea to final design and allow you to help with the process remotely!  Get started by clicking the button below.

Your Siding Project Plan.

Step 01.

Get Started.

We will speak with you about specifics and come to the property to gather required measurements and an understanding of the work scope.  We will then provide you with custom proposal options for your home as well as digital designs if requested.


Step 02.


You can rely on our team to use mobile software to ensure photos & project specifics are properly passed along to the on site service team.  This ensures a smooth installation and if questions arise we can quickly get you the answers you need.  This also allows us to handle projects without requiring property owners to be heavily involved during installation.

Step 03.


Knowing after the project is completed by local, licensed, professionals and also being  backed by warranties that extend protection for years.   We will ensure your property is clean and all debris is removed.  We  will then register any required warranties and you can enjoy your beautiful new exterior remodel.

Don't skip on quality during your next project. Or you may be paying for work twice.

Un-insured or non-licensed contractors can cause major damage and loss.  This could be from job site safety or a lack of resources to get the job done right.

Some companies may use lower quality materials that will fail and lack warranties to protect your home.

Ensure all aspects of the project are installed properly using a local and experienced siding contractor.

Using lower priced service providers may cause issues like this where a simple fix could have prevented this rotten wood damage.

Avoid the headaches and call us today.

With Character here's what you'll get...

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers

You’re not alone. Many people just like you are curious about the process, and exactly how we can help.  Look through some of our most common questions — you might be wondering the same before reading below.

Standard Vinyl siding compared to Everlast Composite siding really is not an apples to apples comparison.  Although both products are an external cladding material there likeness ends there.  The vinyl siding does come with extended warranty options providing Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Labor providing piece of mind and value.  The Everlast Compoisite siding is a material which is made to mimic a wood type horizontal siding which provides a beautiful look with unmatched material strength.  Check out the links above for more information or contact our team to ask any specific questions you may have on these products and which may work best for your upcoming exterior remodel project.

Depending on the materials used our warranties offer different options.  Our Mastic Vinyl Siding Factory Certified Elite status provides our customers with a Double Lifetime Warranty on the Material and the Workmanship.  Ask today about specifics on other materials or what is covered by these material warranties.

We use tools and training other companies may not utilize or require their teams to perform due to cost.  We believe in this up front value to our customers to EARN your business.  Character Exteriors and every employee will help to deliver the best customer experience we can for your next project.  We aren’t perfect but we are responsible.

Siding and Custom projects  are all different and timelines are based on complexity for our installation team.  We enjoy working with customers on challenging projects and timelines so please contact us to answer any specific questions you have!

Yes.  We often acknowledge that the work we perform is difficult as it is often remodel work which means your home as you live in it.  We will discuss proper parking for vehicles use tarps for areas work or cutting is being performed as well as our industry leading roof protection systems.

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