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1) Research and contact only local service providers this ensures you will have competitive pricing based on lower overhead and often less marketing costs to reach new clients. Local service providers are most often the best solution as they know the area and the cost of doing business as well as how to work on local properties and get positive results for home owners. 2) Verify your receiving APPLES to APPLES quotes by working with the service providers during the review stage to ensure you are asking for a defined scope of work or making similar selections between providers. This will allow you to compare quotes without wondering how one was so high and another so low. Asking specifics before being given pricing helps ensure the service provider gets your quote back to you quickly and in line with others to be compared with. 3) Learn some of the basics to the materials being used and specifically the package of materials being used for your installation project. This can be a way a lower quality contractor may try to cheapen the project. This is sometimes done by stating they are offering the same primary products but they are then using lower grade materials in combination to save on costs without disclosing the detailed differences. This often results in less longevity with your project, can result in follow up maintenance or recurring issues, or require replacement if improper materials are combined voiding warranties or building code requirements. Stick with well known manufacturers and ones you can clearly understand their warranty terms and basic conditions. Many service providers include additional or extended warranties now backed in most cases by the manufacturer when standards are maintained during the installation process. (1 Year Labor Warranty is standard with any contract in the state of Michigan) \CMeJan 26, 4:12 PM

4) Ask for additional references and verify who will actually perform the work on the project. Online reviews are great but there is no shame in flat asking for license and insurance information as well as asking for proof of additional certifications. Most contractors that have and offer these type of benefits want to highlight these facts and will be quick to provide the information to help distance themselves from lesser qualified competition. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing who will be working to help complete your goal and that they have the tools, resources, and knowledge to safely and effectively complete the work. 5) Always remember some of the absolute must haves for a proper roof system to function are ventilation and proper underlayment. These are two items that are almost always glossed over or even skipped when inexperienced or underperforming providers quote a project. This is done most times due to a lack of knowledge and a desire to cheapen the project to earn the contract. When completing a roof project something most do once maybe twice in a lifetime take time to ensure the needs of your structure are understood. This can include things like thermal photos, confirming insulation and ventilation options, what areas of the roof experience high levels of water flow, where is there excessive heat building up from the home on the under side of the roof, etc. When asking these questions or allowing a service provider to identify the need or non-essential needs it can seem like a lot. Always remember it is a roof and the simple answer is you need protection where there are penetrations in the roof line, where the roof meets any object or wall (skylights or dormers, etc) and that air flow is one of if not the most important aspect to ensuring your roofs long life

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